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    Question: What brand of tumblers does the insert fit?
    The insert is designed to fit most 20 oz. tumblers. Based on the brand, the fit within the tumbler will range from a very sung fit to a secure fit.
      Question: Can the insert be use to replace my existing lid?
      No, the insert is designed to support the beverage container.
        Question: Does the insert support all sizes of cans and bottles?
        No, the insert is designed for the slimmer cans (12 and 16 oz.) and most glass bottles. The standard size can doesn't fit in the insert.
          Question: Do you need to remove the beverage container to take a drink?No, you can hold the tumbler and drink directly from the original beverage container, or you may remove the original container.  This will be your preference, and personally, I leave the beverage container in the tumbler.
            Can I add a cold pack or ice to the tumbler and still support my beverage container?
            Yes, you can add the cold packs that are sold on this site, or a small amount of ice to the bottom of the container. I suggest placing the small amount of ice inside a plastic bag to keep the things dry.