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Reusable Ice Cubes (6)
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Reusable Ice Cubes (6)

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These cubes are an icy addition to the tumbler, creating an instant icebox!

Simply add one or more ice cubes to the bottom of the tumbler.

When placing them inside the tumbler, the ice cubes can be stacked or turned on their side. 

Placing the ice packs on their side will allow you to position 3-4 cubes across the bottom, raising the height of your bottle or can by 2".

The 12 oz. slim can needs a little help reaching the summit of most tumblers, so the ice cubes will give the 12 oz. slim can the added boost. 

The ice cube measures 2" by 2" by 3/4" deep, and is freezer safe.  Made by Lifoam® and marketed as Freez Pak® reusable ice cubies. Lifoam advertises them as safe to use in drinks and coolers, non-toxic, BPA free, and hand wash with soap and water.

Sold in packets of 6.